Equipo Abogados

Equipo Abogados

About us

We are a Law firm of English speaking Spanish lawyers who operates in all areas of Spanish law.

Our goal is to ensure English-speaking clients are represented and advised by an expert team of solicitors when looking to operate in Spain or deal with Spanish law.

All of our lawyers are bi-lingual and experienced with assisting UK and Ireland clients.

We are able to offer legal guidance, representation and assistance to clients who are looking to operate in Spain in some capacity and ensure they receive the best advice in their language with English-speaking solicitors.

We have a broad experience in Spanish law. We offer full coverage across Spain.

Both Private and Corporate clients benefit from an efficient and reliable service covering all elements of law in Spain.

Services for companies include matters such as International Trade Contracts and  Commercial Law, company formation and International Debt Collection.

Services for Private clients include all fields of law in Spain, such as Civil, Criminal, Family, Employment, Mortgages, Floor Clauses claims, Conveyancing, Inheritance, Wills, Litigation and Arbitration.

Our expert team of fully trained solicitors will ensure you have the best help and advice possible.