CPM LAWYERS provide a tailor-made Spanish conveyancing service by experts in property law.

You will receive global advice about all necessary steps to the purchase of your property in Spain.

Our conveyancing package covers every aspect of property transfer and has been designed with Non-resident/international clients in mind.

Avoiding time and money is our mission; If you choose to grant us a Power of Attorney to act on your behalf, we will take care of the transfer to completion without your having to travel to Spain.

We understand your needs and your expectations of service and we will guide you throughout the whole process.

Our real estate lawyers will handle the property transaction checking whether the property meets every legal requirement, we will revise the contract to protect your interests, making sure there are no abusive clauses.

Our Firm will take every step to guarantee that your property is properly registered before a notary and in the Land Registry.

– Drafting of Purchase Contract

– Land Registry Searches

– Off Plan Payments & Bank Guarantees

– Mortgage application (if required)

– Completion

– Land Registry Registration

– Payment of Taxes

– Bank Account


Our service includes:

– Confirm that the seller is the owner of the property, find out if the property is free of debt, and that the description of the property matches the seller’s description.

– Demand the necessary licenses and authorizations so that the buyer will be sure that they are buying in accordance with the law, and understand the state of liens and encumbrances described. For a new construction, confirm that the developer is the owner of the land, and check the legal status of the developer.

– Agree on the terms of the purchase with the seller or their attorney, such as who pays what taxes, and what furniture or appliances (if any) will be included in the sale.

– Draft or review a pre-agreement. Contrato de Arras

– Draft/review the deed, following the instructions of the various parties, while pursuing the best interests of the client. Communicating with the notary: review all documents, ensuring the successful signing.

– Appear at the notary’s office for the signing. If you are unable to be present at the closing, we arrange a prior appointment for you with a notary either in Spain or in a Spanish Consulate, so that you can grant us a power of attorney (POA) to sign on your behalf.

– Ensure that the notary registers the purchase with the Property Registry.

– Pay the mandatory taxes until the complete registration of the property in client´s name.



Our Firm is expert in leasing. We can assist you with:

  • Draft/ review of Rental Contracts
  • Eviction procedures
  • Claiming unpaid rents


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