International Trade & Commercial Contract Law 

CPM LAWYERS is comprised of a dynamic team of experts in International Trade that will assist you in every aspect related to your company´s internationalisation process, developing strategies to promote your business in the Spanish market and other potential markets abroad. We offer you the best opportunity to expand in the global market and extend your company’s international reach.

We have our offices in Spain, located in Alicante, but we offer full coverage across Spain.

We can assist you develop your business through market research, drafting country-reports, searching for prospective partners and broader legal assistance.

If your company already has global presence our experience on legal issues allows us to offer you a wide range of International Trade services.

CPM LAWYERS coordinates these processes and exclusively selects partners, or business associates, with extensive and proven experience in the field.

We also offer Personnel Training courses in International Trade for your employees “in house”. With our assistance your company will be more effective and productive. Examples of the courses available include: Incoterms 2012; International Financing; Operative Letters of Credit etc.

We advise you on the ideal distribution channel, such as Agents or Distributors, to increase sales while minimizing the risks. We are experts in negotiation and tailor-made services no matter what size your enterprise. We are able to help you draft international contracts such as Buying and selling, Distribution and Agency, avoiding standard clauses and adhesion contracts.

Agency contract

The best way of negotiating and drafting them to fulfil the national legislation and that of the European Union; resolution of controversies derived from their cancellation (client compensation, damages, etc). Applicable law and clauses of jurisdiction.


Distribution contract

Timely direct sales to shops, points of sale or distributors can be optimized by signing distribution agreements. The legal framework within which the commercial relationship is developed will mark a successful future. We advise you on the need to include protection clauses of Brand image, samples, prices etc.

International arbitration

The commercial arbitration has turned into a rapid and effective instrument to solve commercial controversies. We advise on the inclusion of the best “clause of arbitration” in the international contract, the election of the Court of Arbitration and the language for the most effective outcome in the event of litigation.

International commercial transactions. Import/export

Advice and evaluation of the different types of ICC Incoterms 2012 depending on the goods and the means of transport. The election of the Incoterms between the parts, which it does not affect the transmission of property regulated in contract, will be relevant at the time of clarifying determinant points of the operation: the delivery of the goods, the transmission of risks, the division of the expenses between buyer and seller, and obligation of submission of customs documents. We help you to solve possible conflicts with clients or providers when the goods do not fulfil the specifications of the contract of sale, or that show complete or partial damages from origin or destination.

Financing means of payment and insurance 

The main litigations in the international commercial world stem from the absence of entire or partial payment of the goods. At CPM LAWYERS we are aware that the management of the risks and to assure payment is the main concern of companies. For that reason, we inform you of the safe payment means for your sales or purchases, as well as the best mode of finance for the operations. Our team is up to date of the main financial products and lines of financing, public or private.

Operative of Documentary Credits

In their different forms – irrevocable, revolving, confirmed, Standby – and possible disputes that stem from the absence of fulfilment of the parts. Factoring, Forfaiting, as well as the financing management with official support, like the Credits FAD (Fund of Development aid), Credit lines to the import, Factoring, Leasing, Confirming. Documentary Credits, emission of cheques, guarantees and bails.


For the exportation and import of products, in ideal conditions in accordance with the insured operation, analysing coverage and election of the best option of insurance for your commercial operations.


Legal advice in procedure and submission of documentation and tariffs. We can assist with the procedural performance in order to minimize controversies before customs authorities. We will appeal Customs Resolutions in both, previous administrative claim and contentious-administrative procedures. We deal with the most common actions such as the contesting of customs fees, discrepancies of over-quota tariff and claims against resolutions of the PIF.

International Taxation

International Contracts. VAT. Companies Tax. DoubleTaxation Agreement.


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