NIE Certificates

We are able to obtain NIE and NIF numbers on behalf of clients.

The NIE number is a Fiscal Identification Number and is required if you intend to:

  • Purchase a property in Spain.
  • Open a bank account in Spain.
  • Start a business.
  • Paytaxes in Spain.
  • Residence in Spain.

Documentation required:

– Passport copy certified by a Notary Public in the UK.

– Power of Attorney (Limited) with Hague Apostille (Legalization)

– Passport size photograph.

– Signed NIE Form.



Whether you are thinking of buying a home in Spain, starting a business, or coming to work or study, you will have to apply for the appropriate immigration permits.

We know how frustrating it can be to fill out paperwork and queues to apply for NIEs, residence Visas, Golden Visa, Non-lucrative visa, student visas etc.

CPM LAWYERS will assist you throughout the process, so that it is quick, simple and stress-free, as we are familiar with the administrative system.

If you are a UK national living in Spain seeking registration as resident so as not to lose your acquired rights after Brexit, we offer quick and reliable package registration to get the Residence permit (or only get the Certificate of non-UE Resident).


Golden Visa

With the Golden Visa program an investment of €500,000 in real estate in Spain will gain family residence.

This investor permit grants non-EU Nationals to attain the Spanish residency for 1 year (plus having the option of renewing this business visa in order to extend the stay).

In addition, it does not require residing in Spain (over 183 days), just visiting the country once during the period of residence.


Non-lucrative Visa Residence

If you have enough funds and are not planning to undertake any type of professional activity, this residence permit will enable you to stay in Spain for 1 year, with the possibility to expand your stay with the renewal process. Ideally, for those that would like to retire in the country, non-EU citizens that would like to work remotely from Spain and those who would like to spend their first year in Spain without working but get a work permit afterward.


Registration as resident in Spain for UK nationals: Brexit, Transition period

Ensure you are officially registered in Spain

If you are a UK national living in Spain, British Government advice is to ensure that you have registered as an official resident in Spain to ensure your rights are protected after the Brexit implementation period ends on 31st December 2020.

CPM LAWYERS assists you in the registration process to get the non-UE Residence Certificate.

Registering on the town hall census/padron is also recommended to keep evidence that you are resident in Spain (and keep copies of utility bills, for example).

You also have a right if you wish to, after being in Spain more than five years, to apply for the card to be reissued as permanent, although this is not a legal requirement nor obligatory.

The Withdrawal Agreement, signed by the EU and the UK, guarantees that the rights (and obligations) of UK nationals already legally resident in Spain BEFORE 31st December 2020 will be preserved indefinitely in the future under old EU rules. This includes your long-term residency, healthcare, work, pensions, benefits etc.


(Last updated February 2020)


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