With Covid19 travel restrictions in place, granting a Power of Attorney to a Spanish lawyer can save you a lot of trouble.
If you need a Spanish Power of Attorney so that someone can act for you in Spain or you require a Spanish Power of Attorney to buy or sell a property or close a Spanish bank account, or a Spanish Power or to apply for an NIE number or inherit a Spanish property?
You can do this from the UK very simply. We request a copy of your passport, proof of address and occupation. We then prepare the document, send the document to you by email with a link to your nearest UK notary, who will organise it all.


Power of Attorney in Spain
This formal document is signed before a Public Notary to grant specific powers to another party. Many clients contact us to request that we draft a Power of Attorney to avoid travelling.
Who we can help
The Power of Attorney in Spain provides numerous advantages, as it can be used for a wide range of legal matters;
– Selling or purchasing your property in Spain
– You are the beneficiary in an inheritance and require a Power of Attorney for the Probate.
Power of Attorney can be used for business purposes and it can be granted to a natural person, such as a relative or friend of the donor, or to a Spanish lawyer to act on behalf of the business or company.
Many Spanish solicitors are not able to draft a Power of Attorney for English speaking clients and CPM Lawyers has a broad experience helping overseas clients.

How it is done
– After discussing with you your situation and requirements we will askwho you need to give Power of Attorney to and what you would like them to be able to do on your behalf.
– Then we will draft the document on your behalf, in Spanish with an English translation.
– The faculties included within the document are tailored to your circumstances.
– The Power of Attorney needs to be signed in front of a Notary who verifies the identity of the donor and ensures he/she understands the effects and content of the Power of Attorney.
– Once signed, the document needs to be legalised (Apostille of the Hague) for use abroad by the Legalization Office (Foreign and Commonwealth Office in Milton Keynes). A registered provider with the Legalisation Office can be use for this purpose.
– The Legalisation can be arranged by the notary or you can do it yourself.
– Once the document has been legalised it can be used for its purpose in Spain. The original will be required.
How we can help with a Power of Attorney in Spain
Our bi-lingual solicitors can assist with each step of obtaining a Power of Attorney. We can draft the document and also assist with identifying a local notary and arranging an appointment for the signature of the document.
Roughly how much does it cost?
Note that these prices may now be out of date.
A notary practising in the UK may charge in the area of £250 plus VAT for drafting a bilingual Power of Attorney and witnessing its execution by the donor/s.
If the Power of Attorney has already been prepared by a Spanish Lawyer, the notary would only charge for witnessing the execution of the documents and his/her fee may vary between £90 and £150 VAT depending on the area where the notary’s offices are based.
We strongly recommend you to contact us so CPM Lawyers will draft the POA according to your needs and the Spanish legislation.
Please note that Powers of Attorney executed before an English notary will need to be legalised with The Hague Convention Apostille (at the Legalisations Department of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office) in order to be valid in Spain.
Your notary will be able to arrange legalisation but he/she will charge and administration fee (in the area of £30 plus VAT.) You will also be responsible for payment of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s fees which amount to £30 per document.
Please feel free to contact CPM Lawyers and we will be happy to assist you with the Power of Attorney in Spain